Skilled Homicide Harmony

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Parody of real metal band Professional Murder Music mentioned in a short skit on the February 10, 2001 episode of Saturday Night Live (hosted by Jennifer Lopez). In a quick commercial parody for the soundtrack of real 2001 slasher flick Valentine, real bands are mixed with fictional ones to spoof the oddly named bands that most people never heard of.

Music from the motion picture, Valentine, featuring music from: Nine Inch Nails, The Deftones, Rob Zombie, Exquisite Mammals, T.C., Wheelwright’s Ghost, Grab The Jester, Motherboard, Skilled Homicide Harmony, Book, Fall Creek Confederacy, The Frown Squad, Motionless-Z, and Kayak.

Music from the motion picture, Valentine. Available now, including songs by: Dirty Yellow Hammer, Donkey Kong U.K., All Your Blood, Bang The Skull Slowly, Hat, Gravel Fork, The Handless Kings, Fiona Apple, Rabbitpunch, Rice, Nuclear Zeitgeist, Pineapple Man, Fool’s Cap, and Buzzgum.

Available in stores now, with original songs by: Brain Gorge, Brian Georg, Pi Eating Contest, Mr. Hameye, Agribuisness, Marvin’s Toes, Birmingham Sound Expedition, Stab The Bishop, Cunk, Marilyn Manson, and Infant 714.

Get your Valentine soundtrack today, and hear previously unreleased material by: Decimal Metaphor, Half of, 5445 North Park Drive Community Vigilance & Restoration Committee, and CL.

The Valentine Soundtrack. Available in stores now.

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