Sabrina Bubble

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Fictional female singer appropriate for 10 year old girls in the "Oh Louie/Tickets" episode (August 4, 2011) of FX Network television series Louie.

Single dad Louie (comedian Louie C.K.) wants to impress his daughter for her birthday and gets her tickets to this singer that she no longer cares about. Never shown or discussed, let's say she's a Hannah Montana-type, based on absolutely nothing but idle speculation.

Alas, on receiving the tickets, daughter Lilly (Hadley Delany) says she likes Lady Gaga now. Appalled but desperate, Louie goes groveling to big time comedian Dane Cook to beg Lady Gaga tickets, but Dane's got a chip on his shoulder since he was accused of stealing some jokes from Louie, and Louie never denied it.