Rowlf the Dog

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Piano-playing dog muppet best known for his love of bad puns and his stint as the house piano player for the 1976-'81 The Muppet Show TV series, but his career goes back much further. His first gig was in a 1962 Purina Dog Chow commercial. He was a regular on the 1963-1966 The Jimmy Dean Show. In 1968 he hosted (!) Our Place, the summer replacement series for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Then he did a stint on the first (1969) season of Sesame Street. Rowlf was voiced by Jim Henson. Henson's 1990 death put a serious crimp in Rowlf's style and he was subsequently relegated to the background in later muppet movies and their 1996 TV series, Muppets Tonight. Some of Rowlf's performances were collected on the album Ol' Brown Ears is Back.

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