Reg Inchmale

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Reg is the former guitarist and producer for the fictional band the Curfew, who appear in science fiction author William Gibson's novels Spook Country (2007) and Zero History (2010).

After the Curfew's breakup, Inchmale went on to work for other bands as a producer. Most notably, in Zero History, Gibson has Reg producing an album by the popular young group the Bollards. Inchmale's favored studio is located in Arizona, and he has been known to take bands there to re-record their albums after months of work. Former Curfew bandmate Hollis Henry acknowledges that while working with Reg is usually expensive, occasionally frustrating and almost always time-consuming, Inchmale's work on a musical project tends to justify itself in the end.

A highly intelligent autodidact with a wide range of interests, Reg serves as a sidekick to Hollis in her work for the eccentric billionaire Hubertus Bigend. Inchmale has also worked for Bigend, and while he does not trust him, he does seem to find the Belgian playboy fascinating.