Pollie Fallory

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Victim of the V.U.E. (Violent Unknown Even) that affected 19 million humans in Peter Greenaway's bizarre yet charming 1980 film The Falls. The film profiles, documentary-style, 92 individuals affected by the event. The event caused random people to develop bird-like desires and characteristics, speak new languages, have recurring dreams involving water, and occasional immortality.

Prior to the event, she did bird imitations. Now she sings and also does woman imitations.

Afterwards, she re-learned English, and sang the V.U.E. anthem and recorded "a definitive version of the Bird List Song."

"Pollie's body now stood rigid when she spoke or sang and remained that way, ideally unaccompanied by the slightest facial or body gesture. Except for an occasional patient smile, she indicated with her body as little as possible that might reflect on her speech. She was persuaded to re-learn English to reach and recruit a larger ornithological audience, to add the V.U.E. anthem to her repertoire and to make a definitive version of the Bird List Song."

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