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Plastic Plastic Fantastic.png

Rising pop quartet loved by the protagonist of the 2004 British young adult novel Plastic Fantastic by Simon Cheshire. Each chapter (or "tracks" as they're called in the book) begins with a quote from their lyrics.


  • Lisa Voyd, lead singer, lyricist
  • Mike Parkins, guitar, composer
  • Sean Appleby, keyboard
  • Kurt Bartrom, drums


  • "100% Love" single
  • From Hell It Came
    • "32 Reasons"
    • "News of the Girl"
  • More Sinned Against Than Sinning
    • "No Kidding"
    • "I Heart You"
  • Highly Offensive
    • "Double It Up"
    • "Me Me Me"
    • "Happy Clappy"
    • "You, Me and the Dog"
    • Yours for a Tenner"
    • "What's Past is Processed"
  • Plastic: Greatest Hits

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