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One-T is a DJ/musician, and an eponymous a pop/electronic band created in 2000.


Created by French musicians and radio personalities Eddy Gronfier and Thomas Pieds to conceal their involvement, One-T first appeared in 2001 with single Music Is The One-T ODC. The single was a success and was ranked the 82nd best-selling single over the year of 2001 overall. The next realease was the single Bein` a Star, followed by the 2003 single The Magic Key; this title reached number 9 of the best selling singles and is ranked at place 22 of the best-selling singles for 2003 overall, making The Magic Key the most successful release of the band to date. The same year saw the realease of the first album, The One-T ODC.

The concept of the band is showing the world`s diversity and adressing social issues like drugs, gangs and violence.

Band members

One-T consists of:

  • One-T - Frontman, a young DJ
  • Nine-T - MC, young Latino best friend of One-T, organizes One-T`s gigs in his father`s bar
  • Cool-T - Rapper, of American descent. In the course of the band`s history, he gets shot and killed, and returns to earth after getting "kicked out" of heaven
  • E - Electronics, Japanese computer specialist and hacker
  • Ee - Twin sister of E, albeit with a completly different personality
  • Bull-T - One-T`s pet dog and mascot of the band
  • Fat-T - MC, Latino who appeared only once



  • U!!! (2005)
  • Hamburguesa (2005)
  • Tomorrow's War (2006)


  • The One-T's ABC (2006)


  • Music Is The One-T ODC (2001)
  • Bein` A Star (2002)
  • The Magic Key (2003)
  • Starsky & Hutch (2004)
  • Kamasutra (2004)


  • The One-T ODC (2003)


All singles are credited with One-T exempt Starsky & Hutch and Kamasutra, which were from Cool-T. Hamburguesa is the only single with Fat-T, featured alongside Cool-T by One-T.


All physical releases made the French charts, with Bein` A Star at peak position 59, Kamasutra position 40, Starsky & Hutch 16 and Music Is The One-T ODC at peak position 12. The single The Magic Key peaked at 9 in France, 5 in Germany, and 4 in Denmark, earning gold in France and Germany. The album The One-T's ABC peaked at position 72 in France.

The song Starsky & Hutch was also featured in the 2004 movie Starsky & Hutch.

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