Not So Grand Band

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Small plastic animal windup toys make up this band. Older ones are solid colored, with colors appropriate for the animal (brown dog, pink pig, etc.). Newer ones are neon colored with some parts translucent.

They have been sold by Tomy since about 1980, when they apparently trademarked the term "Not So Grand Band." Playskool sold some in 1990. Currently sold by ZwindUps, licensed by Tomy.


  • Basie the Dog (Bass Drum)
  • Clarence the Monkey (Cymbals)
  • Tom Tom the Bear (Drum)
  • Tucker the Monkey (Cymbals)
  • Dizzy the Lion (Saxophone)
  • Domino the Pig (Glockenspiel)
  • Dorsey the Cat (Trombone)

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