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Nat's Garbage Service

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Once-popular rock band from the freewheeling 1970 sci-fi novel When Things Fell Apart by Ron Goulart. The only surviving member, the wheelchair-bound Mr. Ponzini (no first name given), has come to the Nixon Institute to record his oral history.

"Nat's Garbage Service," said the old man.

The grillework and glass doors hushed automatically open and Haley pushed the wheelchair up a slight ramp into a round, high domed lobby. "Pleased to meet you, Nat, my name’s Haley."

"No, man, I’m not Nat. I’m Nat’s Garbage Service. That is, I’m the only surviving member."

"A music group?"

"The music group," said the old man, "We got the Grammy in 1972. You wouldn’t remember our big ones I guess. Flowers Growing in the Cracks and Fragmented Syntaptic Authenticated Hallucinogenic Anthrax?"

"No," said Haley.