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New junior high school band at Sweet Valley High in California, from the young adult novel Sweet Valley Twins #34: Jessica, the Rock Star (1989) by Francine Pascal and an unstoppable horde of zombie ghostwriters.

Protagonist Jessica is so inspired by seeing a Melody Power concert that she wants to be a rock star too, and answers an ad from this batch of junior high schoolers looking for a singer for their new band.

Jessica imitates Power without realizing how terrible she sounds. She's so bad, the band is going to secretly ditch her. She adopts the stage name Gem, and later finally listens to herself sing, realizes how bad it is, and totally changes her style to something better.

But at the end, she leaves the band.


  • Bruce Patman, bass guitar
  • Aaron Dallas, keyboards
  • Peter Jeffries, guitar
  • Scott Joslin, drums