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AKA "the Lady of the Lute," this bardess... bardette? bardatrix? Uh, this female bard of Skullbania features in the "The Ballad of Meh" episode (April 19, 2016) of animated television series Fangbone. Villain Venomous Drool sends her to stoke the egos of the protagonists with songs of their exploits, so she can steal Drool's severed toe from them.

Her previous hits included "The Crushing of Malgar," "The Bashing of Grimwarg," "The Clobbering of Chorveror."

Protagonist Bill challenges her to a rap battle in the finale.

She first appeared in "The Goat of More Goat" episode (April 12, 2016), but only briefly.

Voiced by Mairi Babb.

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