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Singer from the movie San Francisco (1936). This singer (Jeanette MacDonald) is down on her luck in turn of the century San Francisco, but gets a job singing for charming scoundrel Blackie Norton (Cary Grant), owner of the Paradise Cafe, a den of iniquity.

But she's then torn between Norton and Jack Burley (Jack Holt), who's literally from Nob Hill, and wants to get her a job singing opera. She goes where the class and money are. But later, she competes in a talent show at the Chickens' Ball on behalf of Norton, winning him a much needed ten grand; but bitter Blackie doesn't want nothing to do with her squeaky-clean, non-ill-gotten money.

Then the movie suffers the double whammy of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and the Hays Code. Sinner Blackie must repent and turn to God, and a hallucinatory citizenry turn to song to show that no crummy earthquake is going to keep them down.

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