Mademoiselle Helbrun

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Opera singer and minor character mentioned in the 1898 novel Eveyln Innes: a novel by George Moore. She is a friend of the title character. Her first name is never given.

"You were at the opera last night, Merat. Was Mademoiselle Helbrun a success ? "

"No, mademoiselle, I'm afraid not."

"Ah ! " Evelyn put down her cup and looked at her maid. " I'm sorry, but I thought she wouldn't succeed in London. She was coldly received, was she?"

"Yes, mademoiselle."

"I'm sorry, for she's a true artist."

"She has not the passion of mademoiselle."

A little look of pleasure lit up Evelyn's face.

"She is a charming singer. I can't think how she could have failed. Did you hear any reason given? "

"Yes, mademoiselle, I met Mr. Ulick Dean."

"What did he say? He'd know."

"He said that Mademoiselle Helbrun's was the true reading of the part. But Carmen had lately been turned into a femme de la halle, and, of course, since the public had tasted realism it wanted more. I thought Mademoiselle Helbrun rather cold. But then I'm one of the public."

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