MC Pee Pants

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An 11-year-old rapper whose prepubescent rhymes really connected with cartoon meatball Meatwad, member of the not-so-super superhero group, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He appears in the "MC P Pants" episode (first aired 19 May 2002). Please note that the rapper is called "MC Pee Pants," but the episode title is "MC P Pants." Probably so TV Guide wouldn't have to print the word "pee." Anyway, the latest single "I Want Candy" features such dynamite lyrics as "I'm her Hume Cronyn she's my Jessica Tandy." Later, we discover that MC Pee Pants is really a crazed eight-foot spider wearing a disposable diaper trying to get kids whacked out on candy so that he can use their elevated blood sugar to power a drill into Hell that will loose demons to run his world-wide diet pill empire. Fortunately, he's one of the few villians the Aqua Teens actually vanquish. MC Pee Pants is voiced by MC Chris, who also wrote the songs and who works on Adult Swim's sister show, Sealab 2021, where he played, uh, MC Chris.

In a couple of later episodes, it turns out MC Pee Pants gets reincarnated, first as Sir Loin, then as Little Brittle. He returned to his spider form in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (2007), but Satan turned him into a fly wearing a shower cap.