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Female bard (or poet) of lesser talent disparaged in passing in the 2016 fantasy novel Fall of Light, the second book in Steven Erikson's Kharkanas Trilogy.

"Consider this one, then. So heartbroken this poet he spent four years and a hundred bottles of ink defending his suicide, only to break his neck upon a bar of soap—"

"Lye to die, dead by suds, quick to the slick and slip away no time for a quip."

"'Forsaken this love, my tongue doth probe, to touch – but touch! – the excretion of the snail's slime, and now all atingle at exquisite poison, my heart dances like a rat on a griddle, but still she stands with but a faint smile 'pon her sweet lips, tending the fire and tending, tending, and tending the fire!'"

"There is a delicacy to that anguish, urging me to admiration."

"His talent was all accidental. And yet, not."

"Stumbling panged into genius – this does seem a rare talent. By nature of suffering, indulged with passion, to make something sticky of excess, and yet the lure of honey in the flower's budding mouth, drawing one in, and, as he might say, in"

"And in," Dathenar added, nodding. "Have I confounded you?"

"No, a moment longer. I am on fertile ground and must only sharpen the plough. Was it Liftera?"

"Of the Isle? No. Her railing was ever too sour to do aught but crush the petals in desperate grip."


"That alley cur? You insult the name of the accidental suicide. One more effort and then I must proclaim my triumph."

"Still it echoes oh so familiar..."

"Well it might."

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