Li'l Pan

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Lil Pan Lil Pan.png

Cute young satyr dangerously close to infringing Disney's 1940 Fantasia copyright from the Fox Feature Syndicate comic book series Li'l Pan. He only ran for three isssues (#6-#8, December 1946, January 1947, and April-May 1947). Previously he appeared as a backup feature for various Fox Feature Syndicate comic books such as Wotalife Comics, All Top Comics, and Cosmo Cat.

His dad is the god Pan. Li'l Pan plays a recorder-looking wind instrument instead of pipes (properly, a syrinx). He spends two of his three issues on an around-the-world hunt to find dad's famous pipes which he lost.

His earliest appearance was in Zoot Comics #4 (November-December 1946).

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