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Local celebrity singer from Mayberry, NC in "The Song Festers" (February 24, 1964) and "Barney's Bloodhound" (October 26, 1964) episodes of classic TV sitcom The Andy Griffith Show.

He has his own radio show (The Leonard Blush Show) on station YLRB in nearby Mt. Pilot on the third Tuesday of the month. He was known as "the masked singer" when he wore a mask due to a skin condition.

He was a student of Mayberry voice teacher Eleanora Poultice (Reta Shaw). After two years of training, he sang the national anthem at the county insecticide convention. He also used to sing for Ethel Page's organ recital radio shows.

Voiced by Howard Morris, who more prominently played Ernest T. Bass on the show.

Episode writer Everett stated the mask was inspired by real radio masked crooner Irv Schactel.

Howard Morris also voiced Jet Screamer on The Jetsons.

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