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A Liverpool jazz/rock musician with a nice expensive sythesizer, and older brother of Jacki, member of The Silicon Teens. At least, according to the fictitious backstory given in a press release for The Silicon Teens.

It was all the creation of the label's founder, Daniel Miller, who invented the fictional members Jacki, Darryl, Paul and Diane.

They used a synthesizer owned by Jacki's older brother Kevin to create their songs:

Jacki's older brother Kevin, a jazz/rock musician, bought a synthesizer but soon after was involved in a car accident which hospitalized him for a number of weeks. The Teens took advantage of this hospitalization, abandoned their homework and with the aid of a cassette recorder, the synthesizer and (not least) its intruction manual, they made their first electronic music tapes.

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Silicon Teens press release, page one, 1979 or 1980
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