Jehosophat and Jones

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American country/folk/bluegrass/hippie duo portrayed in early (circa 1971-1975) episodes of the BBC sketch comedy television series The Two Ronnies (1971-1987) starring Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett.


  • Big Jim Jehosophat
  • Fatbelly Jones

An LP of their songs, Jehosophat and Jones, was released on Philips in 1973. According to the liner notes, Jones is from Three Pies, Indiana, lives in Colorado, and is married. Jehosophat's real last name is Martini, and is from Pittsburgh.

In the 1975 "Jehosophat and Jones and Friends" sketch, they host a concert/tv special featuring musical guests The Surprises, Gary Shmutter, and Elton Bog.

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