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Jacqui Benton

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From the "Out of the Past" episode (8 January 1988) of animated series Jem.

Jerrica Benton, aka rock star Jem, finds her dead dad's diary, which records that her mom, Jacqui Benton, sang and played guitar. A sold-out concert was recorded, but the master tapes were lost, and Jacqui died in a plane crash while going out on tour, before she could record anything else. Since her husband, Emmett Benton, was the head of Starlight Music, getting an album deal would have been pretty easy!

Unfortunately, it turns out rat Eric Raymond has the tapes, and burns them when Jem won't give him control of Starlight Music. But Jem and the Holograms figure out that Emmett copied the tapes into the A.I. he invented, Synergy, and locate them, and use them to release the posthumous album! A double album, even, titled Starlight.


  • "Starlight"
  • "First Love"
  • "My Heart"
  • "Oh, Jo"
  • "Jerrica's ...[cut off]"

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