Ivan and the Terribles

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Marijuana smoking rock band who have the misfortune to run into really nice psycho Farmer Vincent (Rory Calhoun). He put a steel bear trap in the road that caused their van to crash, then gasses them, cuts their vocal cords, buries them up to their necks, force feeds them, hypnotizes them, snaps their necks by tying ropes around them and then to his tractor and going for a very short drive, and, finally, smokes their corpses for jerky. Whew! All in the 1980 slasher comedy Motel Hell.


  • Ivan (Michael Melvin in a terrible fake beard)
  • the drummer (John Ratzenberger in a terrible fake mustache)
  • the guitarist (Marc Silver)
  • female who may be in the band or just a groupie (Victoria Hartman).

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