Human Pudding

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From the "Is It True About Stephanie?" episode (01/04/94) of featherweight sitcom Full House. Young cast regular Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) runs into a guitar-totin' Jamie (Eric Lively) at DiMaggio Junior High School, who's in this band. They plan a date, but Gia (Marla Sokoloff) is jealous, and tells her to back off. Stephanie sez no way, so Gia starts a rumor Stephanie paid Jamie to go out with her. The date gets called off. Steph demands vengenance and posts a blow up of the not-so-studious Gia's report card at school. The date is back on. At new band night at the Smash Club (owned by Stephanie's uncle Jesse [John Stamos]), Stephanie feels bad about what she did, learns one of those damned sitcom "lessons" and makes up with Gia, right before Jamie's band takes the stage to sing "Human Pudding! Human Pudding! We're human. We're pudding. Human pudding!" See also Jesse and the Rippers .