Hookers and Children

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Band from the 2013 novel The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner.

After the opening there was a party on the roof of a building around the corner from the gallery, and John Dogg's band played. That was what he'd wanted, a performance of his own band. It was a way to get a gig, using his newfound popularity in the art world to shoehorn in his music project behind him. Once you wedge the door open, push as much of yourself through as possible. They were called Hookers and Children. Bass, drums, saxophone, and John Dogg playing guitar and singing. They wore suits and the drummer had a silver-sparkle drum kit like an entertainer from the mezzanine of a midtown hotel. They covered a Donovan song, "Young Girl Blues." Dogg wasn't bad. In fact, he was good. He sang like he really meant it, wavering his voice just like Donovan.
“This one's called Bud's Doughnuts,” Dogg said into the microphone. “Our Second Avenue home away from home.” It sounded like surf rock. A psychedelic projection behind them. Hookers and Children were like a slightly ironic prom act.

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