H.P. Lovecraft

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Rock band mentioned in the 1975 novel The Eye in the Pyramid, the first book in Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson’s insane Illuminatus! trilogy. They play a club called The Friendly Stranger.

They've named themselves after the horror writer of the same name.

It was April 30, Walpurgasnacht (pause for thunder on the soundtrack), and I was rapping with some of the crowd at the Friendly Stranger. H.P. Lovecraft (the rock group, not the writer) was conducting services in the back room, pounding away at the door to Acid Land in the gallant effort, new and striking that year, to break in on waves of sound without any chemical skeleton key at all and I am in no position to evaluate their success objectively since I was, as is often the case with me, 99 and 44/100ths percent stoned out of my gourd before they began operations.

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