Gourmet Scum

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This band features most prominently in two third season (1988-89) episodes of Canuck teen series (later seen in the USA on PBS) Degrassi Junior High. In "Twenty Bucks," (06 Feb. 1989) Melanie Brodie (Sara Ballingall) gets invited to a concert by Snake Simpson (Stefan Brogren), only she has to go dutch and doesn't have the titular moolah. Desperate, she steals from her mom's purse, gets caught, grounded, and sells her ticket to teen mom Spike Nelson (Amanda Stepto), for yep, twenty bucks.

In the two parter "Taking Off" (Feb. 13th and 20th, 1989) druggie Luke Cassellis (Andy Chambers) gets irresponsible Shane McKay (Bill Parrot) to try LSD at a concert. In the manner of cautionary anti-LSD tales everywhere, someone must injure themselves thinking they can fly, so Shane jumps off a bridge, falls into a coma and suffers irreversible brain damage.

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