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Glitter Rock - From the cheesoid Sid and Marty Krofft show Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, a Batman rip off, down to a batcave (electracave) and an Alfred-helper (Norman Alden as Frank Heflin). But all the more insane and ridiculous for it. And oh those spandex and lyrca costumes! Grrrrowl!

In the "Glitter Rock" episode (25 Sep. 1976), the evil super villain is a glam rock star in green clown wig and Bootsy Collins sunglasses (John Mark Robinson) who hypnotizes his enemies with psychedelic guitar shrieks. He's after a visiting king's (Michael Blodgett) mystical jewelry.

Glitter Rock, like Electra Woman, has a sidekick, too! The appropriately named Sideman, who's evil super power is apparently to say "man." A lot. And people wonder why only eight episodes were made of this show.

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