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Eviscerated Panda are the subject of a series of novels by English heavy metal novelist Sarah Tipper.

Eviscerated Panda was created by Phil Winter, an aging guitarist who will never give up on thrash metal or on his pursuit of quality female company. Eviscerated Panda represent Phil's big hope for regaining his former musical self-esteem and his luck with the ladies. Phil had to hastily exit stage left from his last band (Nightshade Milkshake) when his dalliances with the drummer's fiancee were discovered.

Young singer and underachiever Nick Hamilton-Davies loves the band because it provides an escape from his dull job in a supermarket. For rhythm guitarist Ian Edwards it's all he's ever wanted to do. For bass player Jim it's a pleasant hobby, at least to begin with. For drummer Paul it's a step up from being in a covers band and a sometime causer of arguments between him and his wife.

The band is much more than just the musicians in it, it's a whole ecosystem. A female perspective is given by close friends Cleo and Jenni as the Pandas play to and hang out with an audience comprised of friends, fans, wives, girlfriends, future girlfriends, lovers, promoters, other bands, interested spectators and uninterested spectators.

After a nervous first gig in their native Reading they play in Swindon, Coventry, Oxford, Dudley, Brighton, Birmingham and Camden. In between gigs they mostly go to the pub, eat biscuits, record an E.P, read a girl's guide to heavy metal written by Cleo, practice and make grandiose plans for their future. Occasionally they get laid. Even more occasionally they get paid to play.

The novels are:

  • Eviscerated Panda: A Metal Tale (2012)
  • Eviscerated Panda: Back In Bamboo (2013)
  • Eviscerated Panda: Vulgar Display Of Panda (2014)
  • Eviscerated Panda: Vol. 4. (2015)
  • Eviscerated Panda: So Far, So Good, So Panda (2016)

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