Entertainment Unit 439

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Benway Hortense The Princess of Neptune.png

Famous singer, likely robot or android, mentioned in passing in the 2004 young adult science fiction novel The Princess of Neptune by Quentin Dodd.

“Yeah, it's kind of obvious when you give it some thought,” said Claude. “I mean, how many great singers have gotten their big breaks by as entertainers during the Cavalcade of Loveliness?”

“That's true,” said Tsam. “Remember Org Fanzig from the Planet of the Yams? The Zvgrt Family?”

“Or Terry Barsoom and his Amazing Second Head?” added Claude. “Or Entertainment Unit 439?”

“Or even Hortense Benway,” said Tsam. “The greatest success story ever to come out of the Cavalcade of Loveliness.”

She shook her head. “I wouldn't say that. Really, the true successes of the cavalcade are the hundreds of young women who compete every year, learning about grace and poise, and earning valuable scholarships to major universities.”

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