Ellen Aim and the Attackers

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Diane Lane plays Ellen Aim, a female rock star kidnapped by a motorcycle gang in the 1984 "rock 'n' roll fable" Streets of Fire. The movie takes place in strange, timeless world where everybody is just as surly and pissy as can be all the time. She gets rescued by Tom Cody (Michael Paré, who was Eddie in Eddie and the Cruisers), the cops apparently not interested in a minor crime like kidnapping.

The band perform "Nowhere Fast," "Never Be You," "Sorcerer," and "Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young." Ellen Aim's singing voice was Laurie Sargent and Holly Sherwood of Fire Inc. The music is horrible 50s-influenced new wave. Her manager/lover is the money grubbing prick Billy Fish (Rick Moranis).

The Attackers were played by William Beard II, Stuart Kimball, Angelo, and John Ryder.

Trivia Time! The movie features Lee Ving of real punk band Fear as a motorcycle hoodlum and real band The Blasters playing at Torchie's, the motorcycle gang hangout.

Ellen Aim and the Attackers is also listed on a computer (in a big list of fake bands) in the 1990 Andrew Dice Clay vehicle, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

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