Drum-Tummied Snumm

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Large, bipedal mammal capable of using its stomach as a drum, from the 1956 Dr. Seuss children's book If I Ran the Circus.

It is native to the country of Frumm and can play "any tune that you care to hum."

Enterprising lad Morris McGurk has acquired one for his Circus McGurkus. He assures us (and P.E.T.A.) that it "doesn't hurt him a bit, 'cause his drum-tummy's numb." But are Snumm tummies naturally numb, or is this Snumm's tummy numb from excessive drumming? Or is McGurkus drugging the Snumm to induce the numb needed for drumming?

It's also unclear if all Snumms are drum-tummied, or if McGurk's is a specially-trained Snumm.

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