Dr. Volkan

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Volkan Dr The Black Terror.png

Nazi saboteur in America who has been waiting for years to use his hypnotic Dorma Concerto in the comic book The Black Terror #7 (August 1944). He hypnotizes his way onto a big radio station and plays his "hymn to Satan," but magic-wielding superhero The Ghost stops him before the station joins the network and affects the whole country.

Thwarted, he and his goons take the place of musicians at a reception at the home of a munitions plant owner, and Volkan hypnotizes the crowd with his violin playing. While the goons search for the plant's plans, he records a replacement dictaphone of hypnotic commands to destroy the factory. The Ghost chases him from the reception, but the dictaphone recording affects the workers the next day at the plant. The Ghost defeats Volkan at the plant before the workers can destroy the factory.

His first name is never given.

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