Don Frazer

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Frazer Don Youthful Love Romances.png

Amateur drummer and student at fictional Colton College in the "College Prom" story of romance comic book Youthful Love Romances #3 (December 1949). He's a big fan of real swing bandleader Tex Beneke, and practices to his records, and is on the prom committee that got Beneke to play the dance. But when he sees his gal Fran with Beneke, he flips his lid.

When Beneke's drummer Joe gets sick (appendicitis) right before the show, one of Frazer's pals recommends Frazier as an emergency replacement. At the Delta Mu House, Frazer has it out with Beneke, who explains it was all a misunderstanding, and he was just helping after she twisted her ankle. Beneke plays Cupid, and fixes it all back up between them at the prom where Frazer gets to play with the band.

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