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Or "Dandilion" in some translations; his name in the original Polish works is "Jaskier" (Buttercup). Bard/poet who appears throughout the Witcher series of books, movies, comics, and video games. Americans probably know him best from the last, since he serves as the narrator, backstory-teller, and occasional comic relief. He is of noble birth (his real name is Julian Alfred Pankratz, Viscount de Lettenhov) and is one of the most famous bards in the world.

Since the Witcher series is internationally popular (it's based on stories and novels originally published in Polish), lots of actors have played him. In the apparently quite bad Polish film (2001) and TV series (2002), he's voiced by Zbigniew Zamachowski. In the English version of the games, he's voiced by John Schwab.

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