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Crow Crazy.png

Cleveland band that's part of the new "Dullness Revolution" in music, from a record review in the Rolling Stone parody "Rock 'N' Rollin' Stone" feature of tween satire mag Crazy #3 (march 1974).

Their album is Hard to Eat on Respite Records.


  • Jimmy Dry, lead guitar
  • Anton Jejune, rhythm guitar
  • T.D. Uss, drums
  • John Paul Vacant, bass
  • Harold Sipid, cello


  • "Hard to Eat"
  • "Crabgrass Menace"
  • "Too Much Chlorine In the Pool (It Stings My Eyes)"
  • "Patio Dreamin'"
  • "My Life is a Circular Driveway"
  • "Birthday Party Magician"
  • "Buick Joy"
  • "Linda On My Lawn"
  • "Central Air"
  • "Fry Me A Minute Steak"
  • "Free, White, and Nouveau-Riche"

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