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Cripple Memphis Red

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Briefly appearing African-American blues singer from the 1970 sci-fi novel After Things Fell Apart. by Ron Goulart. His partner is Blind Sunflower Slim. And by partner, it might mean life partner. They are in the audience at an "anti-feminine" play.

"You can shut the crap up, too, missy," replied the black man. "I came here to enjoy this anti-feminine play. I share an anti-feminine view with this troupe and you and the old bimbo with the big bazoo are adding to my bias right now."

"Well, I don’t think you should say crap to a blind person."

“That’s all right,” called out the frail woman, “I’m only partially blind, young lady.”

"In point of fact," said the fat black man, “I happen to be totally sightless myself. You may even have heard of me. I’m a blues singer. Blind Sunflower Slim."

The teenaged girl said “Who cares? Blues are outmoded. Mechanical jazz is what’s of the moment."

"Shut up," cried a redhaired Negro man from across the aisle.

"That’s my partner," said Blind Sunflower Slim. "That’s Cripple Memphis Red himself."

"None of you sound in very good shape," said the young blonde.

"At least I ain't up in Oakwood dying" said Slim.