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Concertino Constiato

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Constiato Concertino Lil Abner.png

Repulsive, depressed singer with a golden voice who has mastered the art of swoon crooning after sixty years of study in the comic strip Li'l Abner. He first appeared in December of 1943. Li'l Abner saves him from suicide, much to Constiato's annoyance. Even though he can make women faint after only a few bars, no radio producer will hire him due to his looks. Constiato gets the idea to combine his voice with Abner's looks to become successful. Unfortunately for Abner, this means being starved and abused by Constatio until he looks thin and haggard enough to be a crooner. Constatio renames Abner Freddie McGurgle and provides the vocals while "McGurgle" lip-synchs.

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