Cloud Cuckoo Land

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The band Cloud Cuckoo Land is a performing duo from the book Cloud Cuckoo Land by Lisa Borders (ISBN-13: 9781579660307), which was published by River City Publishing in 2002.

The band consists of two members: Miri Ortiz and Jamie.

Miri is a vocalist and guitarist from Prairie Rose, Texas who was abandoned by her drug-addicted mother, raised by her grandmother and through various adventures, winds up a homeless street busker in Philadelphia.

Jamie, a gay man who could have studied music at Juilliard but dreamed of a life in rock and roll instead. Jamie plays guitar.

They call their duet Cloud Cuckoo Land, a sort of bird heaven, a name that describes their musical dreams and recalls the kaleidoscopic landscape of Miri's coming of age.

Most of the novel's action takes place in Philadelphia's vibrant music scene of the early 1980's and many of the area's local bands are either name-dropped or have characters loosely based on them.