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Singer from the "Our Song Of Love!" story of romance comic book Love Diary #44 (June 1954).

She falls for Eric Petri, a demanding young music teacher at the Jullette School of Music and Drama, a reference to The Juilliard School. He convinces her to join the school, and he teaches her, and they fall in love. But he drives her so hard, and is such a perfectionist, that when Flamingo Club owner Marty Breck offers her a lucrative singing job, she quits the school and him, and takes it.

She becomes Marty's girl, and finds out he runs an illegal gambling room in the back. When mafioso Al Bargo of Chicago comes for a visit, Breck demands Carol "be nice" to him. Which is apparently 1950s mob slang for "allow to have sex with."

Petri arrives in time to prevent Carol from being raped, and they reconcile.

Carol's last name is never given.

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