Cane and the Stubborn Stains

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Real hit punk rock trio Green Day play this horrible teenage garage band in "The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteberg" episode of animated Fox show King of the Hill (first aired 16 Nov. 1997) . These four punks irritate the neighborhood kicking out extremely poor jams in their garage. When Hank (Mike Judge) goes to tell them to turn it down, the four teens (Cane, Zeus, Face and a nameless guy) make fun of Hank and continue playing. Suddenly, Hank and his buddies are feeling old, and after the punks tear around the streets popping people in the foreheads with a paintball gun, they challenge the band to paintball duel. After Hank and his buddies get their asses kicked bad, they try again, this time relying on the cunning and deceit of old age instead of the physical prowess and energy of youth. Finally defeating the young snots, they win the band's amps, leaving Cane and his cohorts to thrash futilely and very, very quietly in their garage. Frank Wright (aka Tre Cool) played Cane Skretteberg, Michael Pritchard (aka Mike Dirnt) played Zeus, and Billie Joe Armstrong (aka Billy Joe) was Face.

The band later have a non-speaking cameo in the "Master of Puppets" episode (first aired 1 March 2009). A character mentions headbanging to "Screeching Weasel," which is means either a) they play a SW cover or b) one of their songs is named for the band. This is notable because Dirnt was a member of the real-life Screeching Weasel for How to Make Enemies and Irritate People.