Burned Beyond Recognition

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Siblings Bud (David Faustino) and Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) spend the episode "Nooner or Later" (4/10/1994) of the long-running lowbrow Fox sitcom Married with Children waiting in line for tickets for this never-seen, bad-tempered heavy rock band (they pee on their audience and one member, Dung, is known for bashing people's teeth in). They keep losing their place in line and end up, in traditional sitcom fashion, with the guy in front of them getting the last ticket. In a further twist of irony, they return home empty-handed to find their parents off to the concert, having won tickets in a Rick Dees radio contest. See also Jimmy Dick and the Night Sticks, Joanie and the Slashettes, Oozing Meat, Otitis Media, Shoes 'n' Socks, Tears and Vomit, The Tuxedos, The Wanker Triplets, The Why, Yodeling Andy.