Bryan La Croix

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Justin Bieber-esque Canadian teen pop star featured on Comedy Central's Kroll Show, alternately spelled Bryan Lacróix. He first gained fame as an actor on long-running Canadian teen drama Wheels, Ontario, a Degrassi parody in which he starred as naive Mikey, the only student not confined to a wheelchair at a Toronto secondary school. After embarking on a music career, he released "NTR 2 Win," an upbeat bubblegum-pop song about transitioning to adulthood that doubled as an advertisement for a sweepstakes in which the winner, having submitted a selfie and an essay of 10 words or less, would be flown to Ontario to take his virginity in a hotel room.

After being caught on video throwing a tantrum over his mother's demand that he go to bed, he attempted to control the narrative by releasing "Ottawanna Go to Bed," a darker and more-aggressive rap banger in which he combined protests against his bedtime with wordplay referencing various Canadian cities and provinces. This song was later remixed by international superstar and proud foot fetishist Señor Feeture.

In addition to his acting and recording careers, he served as a judge on the singing competition reality series Show Us Your Songs Toronto and its spinoff, Show Us Your Songs Commonwealth.

He refers to both his fans and his entourage as the "Loonie Bin." His fans, meanwhile, refer to themselves as "Bryantologists," which he acknowledged with his album Bryantology Exposed and his music publishing company, Bryantology Entertainment Group.