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Bobby George

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From the Hawaii Five-O episode "Tiger by the Tail" (10 October 1968). Real singer Sal Mineo plays Bobby George, a struggling singer not talented enough for the big-time. So, he comes up with a stupid publicity stunt in order to get attention. After one of his concerts, he arranges to have some friends pretend to kidnap him out of the club in which he's been performing.

Well, this does bring him a lot of attention, but unfortunately the plan ends up going unexpectedly wrong. The problem is that it turns out George's father D.J. Georgiade (familiar character actor Harold J. Stone) is a mega-millionaire...and Bobby's "friends" turn on him when they realize that they COULD kidnap him for real--and bleed the father dry.

It's likely based on the 1963 kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Junior.