Blood Truth

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First wave, riot-causing British punk band from the 2007 novel The Singer, by Cathi Unsworth (London, Serpent's Tail/Profile Books Ltd.). They formed in 1977 and lasted until 1981.


  • Vincent Smith, vocals
  • Steve Mullin, guitar
  • Lynton Powell, bass
  • Kevin Holme, drums

"Vincent Smith," he said, eyes misting over. "D'you ever hear of him?"

"Mark E. Smith,"I misheard him. "The Fall?"

"Nah, mate, although Smithy's another one of the champions. Vincent Smith. He was in a band called Blood Truth. the best bloody band I ever saw. F***in' riots happened when they played."

"Yeah?" I leaned closer to my source, hanging on every utterance. "How come?"

"They used to do things like turn up, play one number, have a fight with the audience and leave."

"Wow," my jaw dropped open. "

And you gotta remember, the audience in those days really wanted a fight. It was all factions, and they'd all turn up at the same gig. Punks hated pyschobillies, psychobillies hated rockers, rockers hated everyone and goths were just in there for a punch bag." He chortled at the memory.

"But Vince Smith, he was a big bastard, about six foot three. And the guitarist, Steve Mullin, he was a big bastard too. Very stylish with it. It was like Smith was Lee Marvin and Mullin was Robert Mitchum, but they came from Hull which made them even harder. Yeeeesss," his eyes were far away, savouring the memories.


  • unnamed "mini-LP", 1978
  • Down in the World, 1979
  • Ruined, 1979
  • The Crooked Mile, 1980
  • From the Bottom of a Glass, 1980

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