Billy and the Boingers

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This 1980s heavy metal band is from the comic strip "Bloom County," first appearing 1986-1987. Originally named Deathtöngue, their manager/svengali Steve Dallas changed the name under pressure from Congress.

They actually went to the trouble to stick a 2 song flexi-disc inside the Billy and the Boingers Bootleg book. The songs were "I'm A Boinger" b/w "You Stink, But I Love You" the former was actually penned and played by The Harry Pitts Band, the latter by real band Mucky Pup. The songs were picked from submissions to a contest the strip held.

This entirely nonhuman band consisted of Bill the Cat on lead tongue, Opus (penguin) on tuba and Hodge Podge (rabbit) on drums. The real tragedy is that we never got to hear their song "Let's Run Over Lionel Ritchie With A Tank."

The band broke up after Bill sold one of their songs as a jingle for Wheat Thins and was later caught up in a scandal doing wholesome things like reading the Bible with a nun.