Big Mountain Fudgecake

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Big Mountain Fudgecake rockin' Maria's Pasta and Pizza

Hard rock/metal band appearing in several episodes of the animated TV show King of the Hill (1997-2010).

They are first mentioned in the "Witches of East Arlen" episode (May 18, 2003), young Bobby Hill (Pamela Segall) runs afoul of hardcore magic nerd Ward Rackley (David Cross). Bobby gets sucked into the witchcraft subculture, at least until he has to drink dog's blood at an upcoming ceremony. While researching how to get out of it at the new agey 9th Dimension Bookstore, Bobby runs into Native American John Redcorn (Jonathan Joss) handing out flyers for the band, which has "Fudge Cake" spelled as two words (later changed to all one word). Knowledgeable about his tribe's ceremonies and rituals, he assures Bobby that drinking dog's blood is perfectly gross.

The band isn't really mentioned again until it features front and center in the "Redcorn Gambles With His Future" episode (April 10, 2005). Now appearing as "John Redcorn and Big Mountain Fudgecake," their hard rock trio (guitar/guitar/vocals) really isn't appropriate for Maria's Pasta and Pizza.

Real rocker Tom Petty voices redneck lead guitarist and future Hill son-in-law Elroy "Lucky" Kleinschmidt. Elvin (Trace Adkins) is the other band member. Redcorn was also formerly a roadie for real band Winger.

After they lose their no-pay gig at Maria's, Redcorn is desperate for a gig, any gig. When he finds out Hank is in charge of hiring entertainment for the upcoming Strickland Propane Family Fun Day, he pressures an unwilling Hank to hire him. Redcorn picks up Dale Gribble as his manager. To make his dreams come true, Redcorn hooks up with a shady Native American businessman to set up an Indian casino on his land where his band can play. After blowing his life savings, he finds out the hard way that Texas doesn't allow Indian casinos. He then turns it into a child care center, ditches the band, and goes solo as a Native American Raffi, rewriting the lyrics of his depressing and angry songs into happy kids' tunes!

The band turns up reunited at the end of the "Earthly Girls are Easy" episode (October 5, 2008) playing an environmental benefit concert sponsored by Strickland Propane.