Berti Laski

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Singer from A Clockwork Orange (novel by Anthony Burgess), 1962.

The stereo was on and you got the idea char the singer's goloss was moving from one part of the bar to another, flying up to the ceiling and then swooping down again and whizzing from wall to wall. It was Berti Laski rasping a real starry oldie called 'You Blister My Paint.' One of the three ptitsas at the counter, the one with the green wig, kept pushing her belly out and pulling it in in time to what they called the music. l could feel the knives in the old moloko starring to prick, and now I was ready for a bit of twenty-to-one. So I yelped, 'Out out out out!' like a doggie, and then l cracked this veck who was sitting next to me and well away and burbling a horrorshow crack on the ooko or earhole, but he didn't feel it and went on with his 'Telephonic hardware and when the farfarculule gets rubadubdub.' He'd feel it all right when he came to, out of the land.