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Beast Boy

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Young superhero whose love song to his girlfriend blows up so big he goes on tour, in the "BBRAE" (February 20, 2017) two-part episode of animated television series Teen Titans Go!. Beast Boy gets a crush on fellow squad member Raven, and to prove his love, writes and sings her a song, "BBRAE (BAE)." Even though it's supposed to be just for her, he uploads it to the Internet, where it rockets to the top of the Jump City Singles Hot 100 list, even displacing B.E.R.'s "The Night Begins to Shine." This irritates Raven, but she goes along with Beast Boy on tour, when he shows her that her song is making people happy. But on tour, he develops that common sitcom ailment, Big Head Syndrome. Eventually Beast Boy becomes so self-involved, Raven uses her magic to curse the song. Then Beast Boy sings the wrong lyrics and the song makes everyone hate each other, and the audience hate Beast Boy.

On his journey home, he meets a friendly talking horse who helps him understand how he messed up, and Beast Boy writes a new song "Don't Fiddle With It." This song breaks Raven's curse and everyone gets along again.

Beast Boy had previously shown songwriting abilities in the "Be Mine" episode (February 12, 2014) where he wrote the love song "Fade Away" to his previous girlfriend Terra.

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