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Singer from the fluffy movie Summer Holiday (1963).

Famous, short-haired, female American pop singer in Paris who disguises herself as a fourteen year old boy named Bobby and stows away on a passing double decker bus to get away from her horrible, horrible show biz mother, Mrs. Stella Winters (played to the hilt by Madge Ryan). It's an indication of how awful a mother she really is that her daughter would rather take her chances with a busful of strangers in a foreign city. Fortunately, it's the early 60s, the movie is a musical, a G-rated Cliff Richards vehicle, and his vehicle is a doubledecker bus stuffed with lovable, vacationing English lads and lasses. Her cover is eventually blown and bus driver Don (Cliff Richard), a confirmed bachelor who doesn't want a woman to "own" him, falls in love with her for no apparent reason, unless it was the 14 year-old boy getup. She rejects his advances originally until the plot apparently puts a gun to her head between scenes and she swoons for him.

Meanwhile, her mother conspires with manager Jerry (Lionel Murton) to milk the publicity of the missing singer and play the role of the worried mother. Somehow this involves boneheaded attempts at getting the whole busload arrested on one flimsy pretext or another at her instigation. So the bus hits one plothole after another, always squeaking out of legal jams. Finally it all comes to a head in Athens, where Mommy dearest has them all busted for kidnapping, and quavers her voice righteously at a big press conference. Don and Barbara, mysteriously locked in four star hotel rooms instead of cells, escape and interrupt Stella with the news they're getting married! Obviously, poor Barbara is a victim of Stockholm syndrome.

Trivia Time! Cliff Richards is the G-rated Elvis of England, you ignorant yank, with more hits than you've had hot dinners. Unfortunately, his movies aren't any better than Elvis'.

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