Bad News

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"The worst heavy metal band in the world" from the British comedy anthology TV series The Comic Strip Presents.... This incompetent amateur British metal band were featured in the episodes "Bad News Tour" (24 January 1983) and "More Bad News" (27 February 1988). The episodes were presented in faux-documentary style; in the first episode the documentarians were almost as incompetent as the band.

Lineup: Vim Fuego [real name Alan Metcalfe] (lead guitar, vocals), Den Dennis (rhythm guitar), Colin Griggson (bass) and "Spider" Webb (drums)


  • 1987 – Bad News - UK No. 69
  • 1988 – Bootleg
  • 1989 – Bad News (expanded reissue; U.S. version on Rhino Records)
  • 1992 – The Cash In Compilation
  • 2004 – Bad News (re-release on EMI International)

Their 1989 album included their jaw-droppingly bad version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," produced by Brian May, Queen's guitarist!