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Victim of the V.U.E. (Violent Unknown Event) that affected 19 million humans in Peter Greenaway's bizarre yet charming 1980 film The Falls. The film profiles, documentary-style, 92 individuals affected by the event. The event caused random people to develop bird-like desires and mutations, speak new languages, have recurring dreams involving water, and occasional immortality.

An apparently successful American musician, Fallstag looks vaguely Dylan-esque, and claims to have flown 310 meters at a concert in Phoenix, Arizona. His profile includes an interview and mentions his "current best-selling record," Abigail and the Early Bird.

With the advent of the VUE, he began to collect VUE artefacts and is now negotiating to buy the fossil Archaeopteryx found by Dr Haberlein in the Solnhofen Lake. The fossil is presently the property of the Natural History Museum in London. This fossil was sold to the British Museum by Haberlein in 1862 to provide a dowry for his eldest daughter and is the subject of Fallstag's current best-selling record Abigail and the Early Bird.


Armeror, a sufferer of poor vision and a taker of Flutinol for intestinal problems, speaks Foreignester, though when he sings, the lyrics are full of quotes and references in French, a language he understands but refuses to speak on account of his animosity to Bleriot.

Played by composer John W. Hyde, also the film's composer.

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